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Magazine & Newspaper Advertising

Magazine & Newspaper Advertising can be an affordable and effective marketing tool for all businesses. Whether you are looking to gain national exposure or reach an interest specific audience there are thousands of publications including national newspapers, regional daily and weekly papers, special interest, lifestyle, technical and trade magazines both free and paid for to target your required audience.

A magazine or newspaper advert has a longer shelf life than that of its digital counterpart. Print ads do not disappear and cannot be ad-blocked!

Print and press media comes in all shapes, sizes and formats, from newspapers and magazines, to brochures and direct mail. Press advertising still appeals to its readerships as a trustworthy medium, so whether you are looking for a local or national level campaign, we can source the right publication that best suits your company.

The choice of advertising in print and press media can be overwhelming when you look at all the options but we can seek the right opportunities for you. We can recommend the most appropriate monthly glossy magazines if you are seeking some longevity in your advertisement campaign; or if you need a very localised campaign, we can track down which local newspaper is best going to work for you. No matter what industry or how niche your market is, for either B2B or B2C companies, AJB Media can source the most appropriate publications and help to ensure your budgets are spent wisely on the right type of print media.




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