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Radio advertising is a cost-effective medium for businesses to reach their target audience on a local, regional or network/national scale.

The majority of listeners hold some kind of loyalty or affiliation to a particular radio station, helping to make adverts feel more relevant and something that can be trusted by the listener. Radio is often part of our communities and daily habits, therefore it offers superb retention. Great creatives can go further, reaching a listener on an emotional level, and strengthening that feeling of receiving a personalised and memorable message.

There is an abundance of advertising radio station choices, and now with podcasts and more streaming audio in the mix, the universe of listeners continues to expand.

AJB Media can take care of the planning and producing of an entire radio campaign utilising the right station to get to the audience you seek.  We offer a complete service, from your initial brief through to ensuring your airtime is delivered to your selected stations, for more information get in touch


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